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Fujian Longsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Qing Kou investment zone, Fuzhou, Fujian province. 
The company covers an area of 34587 square meters, of 18630 square meters building area. Company owns the Fujian Longsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd,and Fuqing electroplating factory of cylinder liner. 
We have ISO16949 quality management system certification, and the company has been through the United States UL auto industry review. 
In 2010, our company has been awarded the high-tech enterprise by the national ministry of science and technology in Fujian province, our company is top ten well-known enterprises in China's auto industry in 2010. We have 1 invention patent, and eight practical patents. 
We are specializing in the production of automobile, construction engine, diesel generators, air-cooled diesel engine, oil drilling and marines, such as the eight series, 890 kinds of models, annual output of 5 million cylinder liner and piston. 
We have nine sets of 1.5 tons of medium frequency electric furnace, thirty-six single centrifugal casting machines, two of multistage centrifugal casting production line. 
And twelve production lines on honing from Japan, Germany, CNC machining, cylindrical grinding cast iron , two chrome-plated steel liner production lines, twelve piston production lines and complete metallographic, dimension and chemical testing equipment. 
The products sell well in Japan, Germany, Britain, South Korea, the United States, the Middle East, South America, southeast Asia and other places. Chairman Mr.Lin,is a casting expert with special government allowance of the State Council. 
Our company has developed cylinder liner of the quality of high strength, low hardness since the  1980s, and by absorbing foreign technology, has formed a Longsheng mechanical unique melting process, formula and heat treatment technology, Longsheng products with features of anti - high temperature, no deformation, hard-wearing, and easy matching, which are famous for its excellent properties, and show the Longsheng machinery casting brand to the world.